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Natural Timber Decor takes great pride in the design and craftsmanship of our products. We are extremely proud that you have chosen our furniture for your home and we want you to enjoy your furniture for many years to come. All Natural Timber Decor products purchased are supplied with a 10 Year Manufacturer’s warranty, which covers faulty materials, faulty workmanship and structural defects. This does not include upholstered items and as solid timber is a natural product, this guarantee does not cover minor movement of timber panels. In the unlikely event that you have a problem with your furniture, please contact the store immediately. The details of the Natural Timber Decor Warranty are as follows:

  • Natural Timber Decor to be advised of the fault as soon as possible.
  • Natural Timber Decor will arrange for repair of the faulty product, either in the home or at our factory. Written authorisation from our Customer Service Department must accompany any goods which are returned.
  • For products being returned to Natural Timber Decor for repair, Natural Timber Decor will cover return freight costs from the original purchaser to the factory if Natural Timber Decor delivered the furniture originally. Freight costs from the customer’s house and back are not covered under our warranty if good were collected or delivered by a third party. Where the problem is not a manufacturing fault, Natural Timber Decor will not be responsible for freight costs.
  • Natural Timber Decor reserves the right to replace the product if repair is not possible.
  • The warranty does not cover products which have not been assembled, installed or operated to the instructions. This warranty does not cover misuse or damage due to environmental factors such as exposure to extreme conditions, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, scratches, burns, or inappropriate use or use of inappropriate cleaning products, or breakage of glass, or damage to 3rd party property. Also and/or if any repairs, maintenance or service has been done by an unauthorised person.
  • Warranty is only valid with proof of purchase.

Natural Timber Decor uses a heavy duty coating on our furniture, and to ensure your furniture is well maintained we recommend the following:

Timber Furniture

  • Wipe your furniture with a soft, damp cloth regularly. While it is not necessary to use a furniture polish, if you do use a polish, take care that it does not contain any silicone.
  • If you would like to create a higher shine or gloss on your furniture, you can use a beeswax polish.
  • Drinks glasses, alcohol, perfume etc. should not be left on the furniture surface. We suggest you use a coaster or a doily.
  • Keep your furniture out of direct sunlight, and do not place furniture over a ducted heating duct.
  • Try not to drag your furniture.

Upholstered Furniture

  • Wipe your furniture with a damp cloth
  • For marks on upholstery, use small amounts of warm soapy water to dap at the mark.

Accidents With Your Furniture

We all know that accidents in the home or during a house move can happen. If you damage your furniture, we are always pleased to offer advice. We can quote on fixing your furniture, or we can recommend one of highly qualified contractors near you to fix it for you. Please note: We will never profit out of repairing your furniture, should an accident occur. Please contact us directly if you have damaged your furniture and would like some advice.


When moving house, make sure you dissemble your bed and keep all of the bolts, instructions and tools supplied handy. We recommend using blankets to wrap your furniture to ensure it is safe from transit damage. We supply furniture all over Australia using specialist furniture removalists, and all of our furniture is wrapped in blankets for transport.

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  • Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight.
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