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Timber Entertainment Unit

At Natural Timber Décor we live and breathe designing and crafting beautiful, durable, and functional pieces of timber furniture suited to the needs and requirements of our customers across Melbourne. Drawing on decades of extensive training and hands-on experience our skilled and attentive team of furniture designers and manufacturers take the time to ensure that each and every one of our products is flawlessly constructed to prevent any breakage or instability.

Custom Entertainment Unit

Looking for a custom entertainment unit that will really tie together your home life? It’s true that custom entertainment units are often at the centre of family social life in the home – they are places to relax and watch a movie, to cheer on your favourite sporting team on the TV, or to play music while you entertain your guests. Each persons’ preferences for entertaining are different, which is why a custom entertainment unit, built to last, can be the perfect complement to your home!

Floating Entertainment Unit Melbourne

Looking for a touch of elegance combined with cutting-edge style in your home? Considered a floating home entertainment unit? Floating entertainment units are installed into the wall without supports, so that they appear to float. Sometimes called a ‘wall hung entertainment unit’ Melbourne customers can rest assured that the smart engineering of a track mounting system means they can withstand great bearing loads. With our floating entertainment unit Melbourne customers can cap off a daring modern design. Our floating entertainment unit or wall hung entertainment unit for Melbourne are cutting edge!

Wall Hung Entertainment Unit Melbourne

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