Natural Timber Decor

Ironbark Furniture Melbourne

Have you heard ‘Iron Bark furniture’ whispered and wondered what all the fuss was about? Iron bark or Mugga is an Australian species of Eucalyptus. It can be found in the North and Central parts of Victoria, in NSW and into the South Eastern region of QLD. It is a unique tree with highly sought-after wood, because of the impressive black trunk. The timber is not easy to work, as it is stiffer than most other woods use in furniture design.

However, for the craftsman that persists, the reward can be multiple. This is because the robustness of the wood is ideal for outdoor furniture. It can be used in piers, sleepers, ship building – to name just a few applications. The pattern of the wood looks gorgeous on an outdoor setting. You don’t have to put up with vinyl or cheap plastic outdoor furniture if, like Natural Timber Décor, you enjoy the look and feel of wood furniture.

Our ironbark furniture for Melbourne is simply the best on the market. With the best quality hand-crafted furniture from the master crafts-persons at Natural Timber Décor, you have a piece of furniture that is more than simply functional. It’s an expression of your personality and uniqueness! Why settle for generic outdoor furniture when you can have a piece that you can cherish for life?

Natural Timber Décor operate to a principle of quality without compromise, in everything we do. This includes our Scandinavian design furniture, dining room furniture and entertainment units, and recycled furniture. We also offer furniture polishing and furniture restoration services.

We’ve been in the business for two decades and during that time we’ve establish a firm reputation among all our clientele. We’re proud of this achievement – the joy of our job comes in seeing and hearing from our satisfied customers and enjoying the benefits of word-of-mouth.

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