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American Oak Furniture Melbourne

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Looking for the handsomeness of American oak furniture in Melbourne? Here at Natural Timber Décor we understand all the benefits of American oak. A light-coloured wood, yet one that is also durable and clean-looking, it can suit minimalistic designs in modern homes. The wood has a young look that can give your home a chic look.

American Oak is harvested from the White Oak tree, which is native to the North of America. The light blonde trunk is similar to traditional European Oak. The grains are mostly straight, so those who don’t like a cluttered look to their wood will love this style of timbre in their table or chair.

All our American oak furniture for Melbourne is lovingly crafted into your next made-to-order furniture piece. Here at Natural Timber Décor, we aim to craft a piece of furniture that you can treasure for life, handing down to family – that’s how long of master craftsmanship lasts!

American Walnut Furniture Melbourne

For the unmatched beauty of American walnut furniture in Melbourne, come to the specialists, here at Natural Timber Décor. The American walnut tree is truly a handsome specimen. The walnut heartwood colour ranges from a dark chocolate colour to light brown or even golden. It can often contain streaks that are a dark purplish-brown. The contrast with the sapwood is what makes the pattern of American walnut furniture so highly prized among those with an eye for quality natural timber décor.

Details of the grain can vary, sometimes curling or waving. You can even see bruise marks where animals have chipped the wood – with our American walnut furniture Melbourne customers can truly feel close to nature! In fact, with the natural expansion and contraction of the wood in weather, the timber may crack – this is not a sign of poor craftmanship. It’s just a sign that the wood is very good quality!

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